In order to offset some of the costs of Makayla’s cancer treatments and associated projects, we have setup a GoFundMe account with the hopes that we raise enough money to ensure that Makayla ultimately has the very best chance at being cured as soon as possible. Although most of her medical bills are covered by insurances, there are other unexpected out of pocket expenses that are related to her health condition.

We have raised quite a bit of money as of January 2020 thanks to MANY different donors from family, friends, co-workers and even total strangers! Please know that any amount is greatly appreciated and we fully understand that not everyone has disposable income to donate. If you cannot afford to donate, please do not feel obligated in any way. Thank you to anyone who has already donated!

Please contact me at if you would prefer to donate through different means and we can figure out a way that doesnt involve GoFundMe.

GoFundMe Link Below