On the morning of October 24th, Makayla’s parents got the news that every parent fears. She was diagnosed with cancer of the blood…Leukemia.  Prior to that morning, Makayla had spent several weeks not feeling well and exhibited signs of being fatigued and lightheaded. This was coupled with a virus and persistent fever.  Following their “gut” instinct, Brennan and Rick took Makayla to the ER and followed up with a visit with her primary care physician where blood work was performed.  That blood work showed several alarming values which prompted them to return to the hospital for further evaluation.  Within a 24 hour period, it was confirmed that Makayla had B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

Anyone who has met Makayla Becker would say that she is one of the most caring, kind and beautiful souls.  She has the brightest smile and a carefree “go with the flow” personality.  Her love of music is apparent, as she has become a natural at playing the piano and sings beautifully in the Show Choir at school.  She has a magnetic personality, and naturally makes you want to be around her.  Makayla has a younger sister, Bryn, who she absolutely adores.  She shares a special bond with her sister like no other.  We often joke how Makayla is an old soul.  She has a special love of Classic Rock, and at times sports the look of a 60’s Flower Child.

This news has rocked the lives of all of Makayla’s family and friends; however, we have said from the very beginning that cancer has chosen the wrong family because we will not let it dull her sparkle!  Many people have reached out and asked what they can do to help.  We have set up this page to allow those who would like to support Makayla, an easy way to do just that.

Makayla, Brennan, Rick and Bryn have a long 2.5 years of treatment ahead of them.  This will involve many trips to the treatment facility which is a 30 minute drive from their house, as well as complete home and life transformation to ensure that Makayla’s health is the #1 priority.

We can’t thank you enough for your willingness to help out during this difficult time.  We can assure you that Makayla will help prove that the statistics of the success rate are in her corner…She will beat this!

We Love You Makayla Grace!